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On April 6, 2000, I purchased a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria LX HPP with 23,490 miles. I decided to start a little website for it featuring a running log of my experiences with the car. Vic 1.0 was retired in 2015 due to rust and electrical issues. Vic 2.0 was a 2006 P71 in Blue Pearl that belonged to my boyfriend. It was a Ford demo and never saw actual police use. It was damaged in September of 2018 with well over 186,000 miles. It was replaced by Vic 3.0 in October 2018 with a 2008 P71 in Silver Birch with 120,971 miles. To read posts prior to 2010, click a link at right, or go to Crown Vics, ETC.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Ford Ends Taurus Production...


Another sad day.  They treated the latest Taurus like they did the Crown Victoria... never have one on the dealer lot and don't promote them.  That way, customers don't know about them and thus don't buy one.  I never understood Ford's advertising techniques.  I personally hate SUVs, and will miss the Taurus.  Mystery Mechanic's is a great car, even in sparse police trim...

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