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On April 6, 2000, I purchased a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria LX HPP with 23,490 miles. I decided to start a little website for it featuring a running log of my experiences with the car. Vic 1.0 was retired in 2015 due to rust and electrical issues. Vic 2.0 was a 2006 P71 in Blue Pearl that belonged to my boyfriend. It was a Ford demo and never saw actual police use. It was damaged in September of 2018 with well over 186,000 miles. It was replaced by Vic 3.0 in October 2018, a 2008 P71 in Silver Birch with 120,971 miles. To read posts prior to 2010, click a link at right, or go to Crown Vics, ETC.

Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/10 UPDATE

Today Vic got a new set of tires.  Since it may be the last it will get, I decided to FINALLY try out some Goodyear RS-A's.  They are the H speed rated version.  Some folks love these tires, some hate them.  My boyfriend Todd has had many sets, and feels usually they are good on dry pavement, can be OK in the rain, but are AWFUL on wet Boston roads.  I am hoping that since I don't drive in Boston, I will be OK.  Time will tell.  And I can't pass judgement until the new-tire-squidgies are worn off.  I tend to go through tires rather quickly, so the low tread-wear rating should be interesting to follow.  Todd's current V-rated set has lasted a very long time!

Still have to deal with the window motor in the back door.  Also, I realised that the same dealership that worked on that door didn't do the coolant change I got charged for.  I need to get up the nerve to talk to the service manager on that...

(yes, that is rust on the wheelwell...)

5/25/2010 UPDATE

I have been meaning to type an update for some time, so here it is. Vic is still chugging along, and that is a problem. Why? Because it continues to rust. What do you do when you have a car you like, runs fine, but is starting to look a little rough around the edges? I have some decisions to make in the future...

Todd and I figured out that my non-funtioning rear window is most likely due to a bad wiper motor. I keep forgetting to order a new one. Looks like a trip and a half to replace, too!

Vic now has its summer wheels on, and they still look pretty darn nice. Thing is, the Goodyears are wearing out. So again, I have to think about if it is worth buying yet another set of tires. I have some money saved up for some, but with my unemployment benefits almost over, I don't think I will be able to do 4 new ones. I'd hate to only have 2 new ones. I hate mis-matched stuff...

I recently did a cheap engine-bay spiff. The results are below, along with a shot of Vic getting its 2010 inspection sticker. Readers may recognize Dad's old '95 P71, which used to belong to Todd. Our mechanic is still using it for parts runs, etc. So it is still alive. So is it's twin in central MA, though it is soon to be retired due to rust.
Compare to engine views from the past!

All inspected and legal for another year

2/5/2010 UPDATE

The other day Vic hit 110,000 miles. Snapped a photo of the event while on Rt2. And we are coming up to our 10th anniversary. Time flies...

1/25/2010 UPDATE

A couple of weeks ago while wasting time looking for trains to photograph, Vic's battery light came on. Instead of heading home, I figured it would be OK as long as I kept the car running. I was wrong. Long story short, the alternator went... again... Somewhere in my long running log you will find it already being replaced. I should have done it myself again, but I was about 35-40 miles from home, and only 1 mile from a Ford dealer. So I got a ride home, and Vic got a new alternator, a coolant flush, and the DOOR AJAR issue fixed. That was a bad door latch. Of course, now the door's window doesn't work. I may be able to fix that myself, but it just goes to show you can't go anywhere without something else breaking...

1/6/2010 UPDATE

It's a new year, and I sure hope it gets better soon. Poor Vic is being eaten by salt. I repainted the winter steel wheels with semi-gloss Rustoleum before it got cold outside, and so far they are holding up.

Forgot to mention that this summer Dad's '95 P71 (ex-Mystery Mechanic) was retired, and he now has Mom's '95 Town Car. Mom now has our mechanic's '99 Town Car.

Mom's new/used 1999 Town Car

Unemployment means more miles... WHY??