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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Swapping Rear Seats in a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

This post is for anyone wondering what the rear seat area of a 2013 Police Interceptor Sedan looks like!

My boyfriend started out by removing the bottom seat cushion to look for a missing seat belt latch.  A while ago, he bought a totaled cruiser for parts, including a fabric rear seat setup to replace the vinyl setup his car came with from the dealer.  So he decided to finally put the fabric seats in while he had the chance.

Interestingly, I noticed that the vinyl seats that were in the car were dated 3/2/15, making them newer than the car's build date of February 2012.  The fabric seats from the parts car were dated 7/24/13. 

Rear Seat Release Latch
Seat bottom latch
Rear Seat Release Latch
Seat back latch
In case you were wondering, the bottom cushions latch into two plastic parts on the floor that have a little release lever.  The backs have two bolts on each side to remove (13mm & 15mm) on the corners.  Then you need to somehow find the two red fabric tethers that release the upper latches, allowing the cushion to be removed.  Have fun with that...

You now have a good look at the structure that helps make these cars safe.

Once the seats were out, it lead to the removal of the center console base so he could put wiring in place for a scanner head unit, to be installed later.  Word of advice when removing/installing the metal parts:  find a socket that is magnetic!  Also, keep track of which bolts came from where...

Once the wires were firmly in place under the metal console, attention was turned to under the hood, where the differences between the Taurus and Crown Victoria became evident.  You can hide a small child under the hood of a Crown Vic.  In the Taurus, figuring out how/where to snake wiring will make you stare and ponder for about a week.  The wiring project was left for a later date...

Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Brace
Here you can see how far the trunk floor extends into the passenger compartment
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Brace
Note the date written on the metal brace "2/15/13"
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Seat Cushion
Foam of the bottom cushion
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Seat Cushion
The vinyl seat back that was in the car...
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Seat Cushion
... and the cloth one installed.  Looks like it needs a clean!