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On April 6, 2000, I purchased a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria LX HPP with 23,490 miles. I decided to start a little website for it featuring a running log of my experiences with the car. Vic 1.0 was retired in 2015 due to rust and electrical issues. Vic 2.0 was a 2006 P71 in Blue Pearl that belonged to my boyfriend. It was a Ford demo and never saw actual police use. It was damaged in September of 2018 with well over 186,000 miles. It was replaced by Vic 3.0 in October 2018 with a 2008 P71 in Silver Birch with 120,971 miles. To read posts prior to 2010, click a link at right, or go to Crown Vics, ETC.

Friday, September 9, 2011

UPDATE: Sticky Situation...

Recently the rear edge of Vic's headliner has been starting to sag.  Such a thing is not allowed, so I visited Bob at Belmont Seat Cover for some advice.  Now, everything is fixed and the car looks a little less dumpy from the rear.  Bob said that most modern cars don't have the sag issue, but that the Crown Vics are prone to it because the headliner fabric isn't wrapped around the foam liner.  In other words, it stops right at the edge of the foam.  Add years of heat, and things can "delaminate".

Repair in Progress

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